За жените, мъжете и още нещо …

Young artists in Bulgaria and their future

As you can imagine, artistic professions are definitely not the most profitable in Bulgaria. We have many famous artists like Vladimir Dimitrov-Maystora and a rich heritage of artists, sculptors and so on, which give us very strong national foundation for art and culture, but due to the economic reasons and poor political management, arts are not at all a priority in my country today.

The good news is that more and more people, despite everything nowadays, return to art and culture. You can see this tendency in young people, which fills me with hope about the new generation.


There are many young people who want to become artists too. The Academy of Arts produces a lot of skillful and talented persons. It is just that it is very difficult for them to manage to show their talent and become famous in the art circles.

Happily there are people like the collector and gallery-owner Svetlio Kantardzhiev, who are willing to help young artists. For example he often picks talents from the National Art Academy and invites them to make a free exhibition of their works. I think that is a big chance of them, because a lot of people that are interested in art come and visit and some even buy the works of the artist, which might be very stimulating for them.

Whole this gives a hope that not only arts, but humanity as a whole is going to revive once again in our nation that has been through a lot of suffering.